Fahe Privacy Statement

At Fahe, we believe that the confidentiality, protection, and integrity of client and borrower information are among our fundamental responsibilities. While information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust. Therefore, we accept our responsibility to safeguard your information.

Our Consumer Privacy

Our notice tells you the kind of information we collect about you, with whom we share it, and how we protect it responsibly. Our notice applies to current and former customers. The examples you will find throughout this notice are for illustration only and should not be considered a complete description of our information practices. For instance, we may not collect or disclose all of the categories of information described in this notice in every transaction. In addition, we may not collect or disclose all of the categories of information described in this notice in every transaction.

Information That We May Collect

We may collect “nonpublic personal information” about you from the following sources:

  • Information we receive from you on applications, or other forms and other oral, written, or electronic communications, such as your name, address, social security number, assets, and income;
  • Information about your transactions with us or other companies, such as transaction history, policy coverage, premiums, payment history, and claims history;
  • Information collected from our Internet websites, such as information you provide to us and information necessary to manage your online session with us;
  • Information about your transaction, including the identity of the real property that you are selling, purchasing, or financing;
  • Information about your name, address, email address, User ID and phone numbers;
  • When we provide settlement services, we may receive information from third parties, including appraisals, loan applications, credit reports, land surveys, loan and escrow account balances, and bank account numbers to facilitate the transaction and
  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency.

“Nonpublic personal information” is information about you that we obtain in connection with providing a financial product or service to you. Nonpublic personal information does not include information from public sources, such as telephone directories or government records.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Nonaffiliated Third Parties: Nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers is not disclosed to nonaffiliated third parties except as permitted by law.

Affiliates: Fahe is permitted under law to share information about you with third parties to assist us in servicing your loan(s) or account(s) with us, to government entities in response to subpoenas or other governmental information requests, and to credit bureaus. In addition, we may disclose the information we collect about you described above to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf and to financial institutions to jointly offer financial products and services to you. You may direct us not to share this information by calling Fahe at 888-969-1399 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am and 4:00 pm EST, Friday. We will process your request as soon as we reasonably can. You do not need to opt out again if you have already directed us not to share.

Former Customers: If you decide to close your account(s) or become an inactive customer, privacy policies and practices described in this notice will continue to be adhered to.

How to Review and Correct Your Personal Information

Under applicable law, you may request to see the personal information about you in our records except for certain documents related to claims and lawsuits. We may direct you to a consumer reporting agency to obtain certain consumer report information. If you believe that the personal information we have about you in our records is incomplete or inaccurate, please let us know immediately, and we will investigate and correct any errors we find.

 How We Safeguard Your Information

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal guidelines to safeguard consumer information. Our employees are bound by our Codes of Ethics and policies to access consumer information only for legitimate business purposes and to keep information about you confidential.

Our Privacy Protections

You may have other privacy protections under some state laws. We will comply with applicable state laws as to information about you. For example, certain state laws may require us to provide you with an additional notice.

We will not use or share personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than the administration of your account, policy, or claim unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

Our Commitment

We will continue to maintain our dedication to protecting your privacy. If you have questions concerning our notice, call Fahe at 888-969-1399 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am and 4:00 pm EST on Friday.