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Let Fahe Loan Servicing free you up to concentrate on growing your business. We will provide your borrowers with the technology, compliance, and customer care needed to be successful homeowners while you increase your positive impact in the community.

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“When it comes to loan servicing, juggling the needs of investors and borrowers can be difficult, but Fahe does a great job of both. Our borrowers like the personal touch they receive from Fahe staff and we like the communication and working together as a team that we get as investors. It is the amazing staff at Fahe that makes this work so well. We appreciate all they do.”

Steve Herrington

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

“The loan servicing at Fahe far exceeds our expectations and the staff is so easy to work with and very professional and accessible.”

Haley Terry

Appalachia Habitat for Humanity

“When we were small and just making a few loans, it was easy enough to do our loan servicing using an excel spreadsheet. However, as we grew this was no longer practical for three reasons. First, there were too many loans for excel to be our servicing software; second, servicing regulations were changing so rapidly that we were not confident that we were in compliance with the latest regs; and third, everybody got busier doing their “primary job” and we did not have the staff time to cover loan servicing.”

Chris Doll

Housing Development Alliance


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