Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Loan ID and Account Number the same thing?

No. Your Loan ID is a 10-digit number that can be located on your billing statement.

Your Account Number is the last 5 digits of your social security number

Can I change my due date?

No. Your due date is agreed upon in your mortgage and cannot be changed.

Why did my payment change?

The only part of your payment that can change is the escrow portion of your payment which is in place to pay your insurance and/or taxes. Therefore, if your payment has changed that means that the amount paid to your taxes or insurance changed from the previous year. Fahe has no control over your insurance premium(s) or the amount you are charged in taxes.

What address should I give my insurance company?

FAHE, Inc.


PO Box 398042

Minneapolis, MN 55439-8042

Where do I send my payment?

319 Oak St. Berea KY 40403


PO Box 2278 Lexington KY 40588

Why hasn’t my payment posted/cleared my bank account?

Any payment made online or over the phone after 8:00 am may not post until the next business day. Once we have posted your payment please allow 2-3 business days for the funds to clear your bank account

Why is the amount due on my billing statement higher than my normal payment?

Our statements automatically generate on the 13th of every month. If we receive your payment after that time, then your billing statement will reflect that there are 2 payments owed. Other reasons for a higher than usual amount due could be late fees, NSF fees, legal fees, etc.

I forgot my username and password, what do I do?

Give us a call at 888-969-1399 for assistance. We can unlock your profile if you have been locked out or reset your password. When setting up your online profile, be sure to write down your username and password to avoid issues logging in later

How do I change my mailing address?

You will need to fill out a “Change of Address” form which can be found at the top under “Tools and Resources”. You will also need to send in something as backup which could be any bill in your name, a copy of your driver’s license, or a letter from the 911 office

How do I make a payment?

Please click on the “Borrower” tab at the top for more information



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